Changes to Hamilton federal electoral map on deck as commission submits final redistribution report to MPs

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The biggest changes would take place in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek and Flamborough-Glanbrook. Photo credit: Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario


In August 2022, the three-member Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario proposed a number of adjustments to the electoral map, including multiple changes for the Hamilton region.

The boundaries across all Canadian ridings are re-evaluated every 10 years in response to population changes.

The Commission released its initial recommendations in August and then accepted written submissions and held public hearings to gain feedback from residents.

On February 10, 2023, after finalizing its adjustments based on the feedback received, the Commission tabled the report in the House of Commons. The report will now hear from Members of Parliament regarding further changes before official changes are made. 

Hamilton East-Stoney Creek

When the original proposal was released in August 2022, Hamilton East-Stoney Creek constituents were quick to note that the Commission had proposed a dramatic change to the riding boundaries.

The Commission proposed adding part of Grimsby Lakeshore from the neighbouring Niagara region to the riding and changing the riding name to Hamilton-Stoney Creek-Grimsby Lakeshore. 

The move would likely have seen the riding become significantly more conservative than before.

However, the updated report released a few weeks ago scrapped that idea entirely, maintaining the current eastern boundary of the riding at the Hamilton-Niagara border. However, it would see the western boundary changed from Kenilworth Avenue to Parkdale Avenue and Upper Stoney Creek added to the riding.

Local Member of Parliament Chad Collins said in an email to constituents that “Grimsby was removed by the Commission due to public feedback and will remain a part of Niagara West.”

Upper Stoney Creek from Upper Centennial Parkway to Anchor Road and from the Escarpment to the electric power transmission line corridor just south of Dalgleish Trail will be added to Hamilton East-Stoney Creek. That includes Valley Park Recreation Centre and the Heritage Green area. 

Upper Stoney Creek is currently part of the Flamborough-Glanbrook riding.

Hamilton Centre

Hamilton Centre would see minimal changes under the February proposal. The eastern boundary would move east from Kenilworth Avenue North to Parkdale Avenue North.

The riding’s population would increase to 126,188.

Hamilton Mountain

Hamilton Mountain would also see minimal changes. The southern boundary would change from Rymal Road East to the hydro corridor just south of Rymal.

Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas

Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas would see the least change of any riding in Hamilton. The Carpenter Neighbourhood would be added to the riding, but all other boundaries would remain the same.


The Flamborough-Glanbrook riding would lose a significant part of Upper Stoney Creek to the Hamilton East-Stoney Creek riding.

Final Report

With the most significant part of the consultations complete, the Redistribution Commission will hear from Members of Parliament from now until May 2023. After that, more changes could be made to the boundaries, but it is likely that any further adjustments would be minor.

The finalised redistribution report is scheduled to be released in September 2023 with the changes to electoral boundaries then coming into effect on April 1, 2024.

Notwithstanding a vote of non-confidence in the House of Commons, the next federal election is scheduled for October 20, 2025.

The new ridings are meant to apply to federal elections only, although the province of Ontario usually ends up automatically realigning provincial ridings to the same boundaries as the federal ridings. 

The next provincial election is scheduled for June 4, 2026.

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