Mayor Horwath Affirms Commitment to Rebuilding Trust and Ensuring Safety After Red Hill Valley Parkway Inquiry

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In the wake of the Red Hill Valley Parkway (RHVP) Inquiry report, the City of Hamilton, led by Mayor Andrea Horwath, is placing utmost importance on the recommendations outlined in the report. Photo Credit: Red Hill Valley Parkway Inquiry website

Hamilton Mayor Andrea Horwath has responded to the conclusions drawn in the Red Hill Valley Parkway (RHVP) Inquiry report, reiterating the City’s dedication to regaining public trust and reinforcing safety measures for residents. The RHVP Inquiry, spearheaded by Commissioner Herman J. Wilton-Siegel, presented its findings aimed at addressing the mishandling of crucial information related to the parkway.

“The profound loss of public trust due to the revelations surrounding the Red Hill Valley Parkway in 2018 must be rectified. Today, as we receive the report and recommendations from the RHVP Inquiry, we take a significant stride towards reinstating that trust,” expressed Mayor Horwath.

Acknowledging the critical role played by Commissioner Wilton-Siegel and all participants involved in the inquiry process, Mayor Horwath highlighted the urgency in scrutinizing the report’s details. Immediate action is slated to begin to implement the report’s recommendations, aiming to comprehend the circumstances leading to the incident and fortify the City’s operations with a focus on transparency and accountability.

Speaking directly to those affected by the tragic accidents on the Red Hill Valley Parkway, Mayor Horwath extended her heartfelt sympathy: “My thoughts are with the families who have endured losses and hardships. I recognize the difficulty today’s report brings, and my deepest condolences are with them.”

Mayor Horwath emphasized the strides already taken to prevent similar incidents and ensure road safety. However, she noted that further efforts are necessitated by the report’s findings.

“My vision for City Hall is centred on fostering a culture of excellence, responsiveness, and unwavering accountability. We are resolute in implementing the recommendations that will not only enhance public safety but also rebuild public trust,” added Mayor Horwath.

With a pledge to delve into a comprehensive overhaul, Mayor Horwath emphasized the City’s commitment to fostering an environment of transparency and accountability for the people of Hamilton.

For more updates on the City’s actions following the RHVP Inquiry report, residents can visit the dedicated webpage at


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