MPP Jama organizing within Hamilton, attends controversial rally targeting hospital

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Jama appears to be organizing formally to reverse her censure and also appears to be gearing up for the next provincial election (slated for June 2026) by forming a riding association. Photo Credit: Peter Power/The Canadian Press.


Controversial Hamilton Centre Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Sarah Jama has been organizing and has officially launched a new “Independent riding association” and a campaign to reverse her censure in the provincial legislature.

Jama is currently not able to speak at the Legislature at Queen’s Park until she makes a verbal apology and deletes her Oct. 10 social media post which appeared to celebrate the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.

Jama has been the subject of controversy multiple times including alleged endorsement of anti-Israel uprisings prior to her election.

Since being elected she has come under fire for calling a convicted terrorist a “martyr of freedom,” attending an abolish the police rally, comments which appeared to celebrate the Hamas terrorist attack, and further comments she made in the Ontario Legislature which resulted in her removal from the Ontario NDP.

Now, Jama appears to be organizing formally to reverse her censure and also appears to be gearing up for the next provincial election (slated for June 2026) by forming a riding association.

Jama revealed in a press release that she launched “Restore the Voice of Hamilton Centre, a new coalition of Hamiltonians, trade unionists, and community members fighting for the reversal of MPP Sarah Jama’s censure.”

The group is soliciting donations and held a launch event on Zoom.

Abolish the police advocates Kojo Damptey and Desmond Cole spoke at the event and Fred Hahn, the controversial President of CUPE Ontario, was also involved. 

Hahn recently had calls for his resignation for tweets seemingly supporting the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack.

In addition, Jama announced the launch of a new independent riding association since she is no longer a part of any political party.

A logo for the association, posted online, shows roses, a gear, broken chains and a hammer. 

It should be noted that all four symbols have been commonly used in the logos of various socialist and communist parties throughout history.

Jama also revealed on social media that she attended a controversial anti-Israel protest in Toronto last week where radicals gathered outside of Mount Sinai Hospital chanting support for armed uprising.

There were also reports that protesters blocked access to the hospital. Videos online clearly show that multiple people scaled the building, climbing on various ledges.

The hospital was founded in 1923 by the Jewish community.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the demonstration, saying it was “reprehensible.”

“Hospitals are places for treatment and care, not protests and intimidation,” said Trudeau. “I strongly condemn this display of antisemitism. In Toronto and across Canada, we stand with Jewish communities against this hate.”

Jama called Trudeau’s statement “bonkers” and said, “that’s not what happened,” despite multiple videos on social media showing protesters targeting the hospital.

While Jama is no longer a part of any official political party, her organizing as of late appears to indicate that she is gearing up to run again in 2026.

It is usually difficult to get elected without being affiliated with any political party, but the task is not impossible.

Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Bobbi Ann Brady was elected in 2022 as an Independent. 

Whether or not Jama has the same electoral momentum after being kicked out of the Ontario NDP remains to be seen.

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